Monday, October 15, 2012

Stocking Up

Saturday was quite the busy day this past weekend.   Despite not getting home from bowling until 12:30 am and going to sleep around 1 am, I forced myself to get out of bed at 8:15 Saturday morning and get my day going.  I did laundry and cleaned the house all before 10 am.   I went to therapy, and then spent a good three hours or so grocery shopping.   After I finished shopping, I had to rush home, unload and put away the groceries, make my taco dip, and then it was off to Mom's boyfriend's house for Lib's 18th birthday party.   After the party, I met up with Bri at the Eagles for some drinks.   It was a fun, productive day, and I am very glad I decided to skip Cedar Point on Sunday so I could lounge around the house and relax.

Grocery shopping took so long Saturday because I was doing my big stock up.

My freezer is now completely full.   I went to BJ's and bought a big pork tenderloin, a beef eye of round, and a 6 lbs package of ground beef.  When I got home, I cut the meat up and put individual portions into freezer bags.  I got about 10 freezer bags worth of each type of meat.  I also bought a 5 lbs bag of frozen chicken breasts and a bag of frozen chicken leg quarters.  I already had a bag of salmon fillets and a bag of large shrimp in the freezer.   Plus, I have several containers of vegetable and lentil soup, potato broccoli soup, lasagna, and pot roast with veggies frozen.   All homemade, of course.  =)  I am completely set for the next 4-5 months, and won't have to buy meat for quite awhile.

I also stocked up on canned goods, frozen veggies, snack foods, and cleaning and bathroom supplies.   All in all, I don't see having to buy anything besides milk, bread, and fresh produce for the next, hopefully, 5 months.  Like I said in my last entry, my goal is to only spend $100 a month on groceries throughout the winter.   The challenge begins now.

Sunday was spent mostly on the couch, lounging around and catching up on some of my shows.    I also had a nice afternoon nap, snuggled up to Mr. Hugo. 

Today it is back to work.   I woke up this morning feeling kind of icky.  I have a sore throat, a headache, I am congested, and feel just plain old tired.   I have been drinking tea and water, and plan on going to bed early tonight to hopefully fight off whatever seems to be taking over my body.

Now it is on to a few more goals.   My goal for this week is to work out at least four days.  I didn't make it to the gym this morning, but I plan on getting up tomorrow morning for a workout.  My alarm is already set up 5am. 

I also am abstaining from drinking this week, although I may make an exception Friday night.  I bought a ticket to a ladies reverse raffle and it is open bar.  As long as I drink in moderation, I will be ok.  I have an appointment at the gym with my trainer Saturday morning so I can't get too out of control.

A new goal I am going to focus on is teaching myself how to knit.  I have yarn and needles at home, and I plan on getting some books out of the library and checking out youtube for some how-to videos.  I think this would be a great hobby because it is time consuming and something I can concentrate on when I am feeling down.   For the same reason, I plan on getting back into writing poetry and drawing.  Both of these are things I used to do all the time, before Nick and I started dating.  They both have fallen to the wayside in the past several years, but it time to tap back into that creative side of myself.

That's all for today.  I hope you enjoyed reading!  <3


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