Thursday, March 28, 2013

31 Things To Do While I'm 31

Hey there Readers!  I know. I know.  I am so bad at blogging consistently.  I've been really busy working 60 hours a week between my two jobs, going to my IOP group and NA meetings, and getting in every little bit of "me" time I can.   But I really wanted to write this post for you today.  Why?  Well, because Sunday is my 31st birthday, and I really want to challenge myself this coming year.  So I have made a list of 31 things I want to do while I am 31.  Enjoy!  And if you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear them!!

1. Get my motorcycle license.   I have wanted one since I was 13 and obviously too young to even drive.   Of course, once I have my license, I'll need to get a bike!!  =) =)

2. Apply to grad school for my Master's.   Cleveland State has a Master's in Social Work program I would like to apply to and eventually obtain my LISW and do counseling.

3. Lose 70lbs and make exercise a part of my life.   This needs no explanation.

4. Find a volunteer position that either helps animals or people.   I know giving my time to help others would be not only good for others, but for myself and my recovery as well.

5. Run a half-marathon.  I am already registered to run the Cleveland Rock N Roll Half Marathon on Oct. 5, 2013 and I really need to get training.

6. Develop my blog.  I mean, duh right?  I am inconsistent with my posts and sometimes all over the place, but I am really determined to post on a regular basis and make this spectacular.

7. Learn to knit.  I bought myself a beginner's I taught myself knitting kit and am determined to make a baby blanket for my oldest stepsister, who is due in August.

8. Take a vacation by myself somewhere new.   How relaxing and peaceful would that be? 

9. Start writing my first book.  I have some ideas and I need to just start the research and writing.

10.  Take a cooking class.   After my ex and I split, I discovered just how much I love to cook and would like to develop my skills further.

11. Take a photography class.  If I am going to really develop my blog, I want to be able to post good pictures.  Plus I have always wanted to learn how to develop film.

12. Develop my relationship with God.   I have gotten so far away from Him in the past several years and I miss that relationship.

13. Find a church I feel like I really belong to and get involved.  Spirituality feeds my soul.

14. Get a passport.  Can you believe the only time I have been out of the country was when I went to Jamaica 7 years ago?  And I didn't need a passport at the time.

15. Read the Bible in its entirety.  I love the lessons I can learn by doing this.

16. Go skydiving.  I mean, really, how awesome would that be?

17. Learn how to snowboard.  I can ski, and have always wanted to snowboard.

18. Get a new tattoo.  Or several.  LOL.  No explanation needed right??

19. Start doing yoga.  It's supposed to be relaxing and I sure could use that!

20. Go fishing.  All my life, except the 5 years I spent at college in Kentucky, I have lived on Lake Erie and never once have gone fishing.  Crazy, right?

21. Fly a kite.  I still can't believe I have never done this.

22. Set a budget and stick to it.  I have a hard time sometimes managing my finances and I really want to get better at it.

23. Find a new place to live.   I could write a whole seperate post on the reasons behind this one, but for now all I will say is that it is time to move on.

24. Learn to sew and make a quilt.  I love being crafty!

25. Buy new couches.  Mine are hand-me-downs, and while they have served me well the past 7 or 8 years, they are pretty beat up.  I don't even have the cushions for the backs anymore and bought pillows from Walmart awhile ago for the backs.  Not to mention that when Hugo was a pup he did some nice damage to one of the arms on one.

26. Get another dog.  Because Hugo needs a friend.  Especially with me being so busy.

27. Refinish my dressers.  Another pair of hand-me-downs that could use a pick-me-up.  Plus how cool would it be to be able to refinish furniture?

28. Eat healthier.   This kind of goes hand in hand with losing weight.

29. Learn to play the guitar.  Another I have always wanted to do this goal.

30. Take an art class.   I love to draw and would like to develop my skills further.

31. Deepen my friendships with my new friends in NA.

So there it is.  Some big and some small, but all goals I would like to achieve in this coming year.  Wish me luck!!

See you soon readers and all my love!! <3